“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
— Dr. Seuss
Erica is the most talented communicator I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. A gifted storyteller with a natural penchant for breaking down the complex into the concise, she is an immeasurable asset to any team in need of marketing expertise or communications advice.

Her wit, humor, and patience with others not only puts others at ease in group settings, but also strengthens the efficacy of adopted solutions by enhancing collaboration.

She receives my highest professional endorsement and will continue to be someone I rely on for reliable, thoughtful advice whenever a difficult situation or trying circumstance is encountered.
Sean HealyCo-Founder/CEO, Fit to Rent
One of Erica’s best skills is her ability to tell our story. She creates materials that focus on the heart of our mission and vision and can traverse between the needs of the donor, corporate partner, client, and volunteer to guarantee they meet the broad needs of the organization.

Whatever you think that you are getting on paper by hiring Erica doesn’t even come close to truly understanding what you are really getting — a dynamic woman with a compassionate heart, enviable skill set, and drive that is unparalleled.

Because she is compassionate, you always feel like she is on the journey with you, helping to tell the story and also a part of the story.
Jeanine Patten-CobleFounder, Little Pink Houses of Hope
I dove into starting Vs. Cancer with a great deal of passion, vigor, and ideas, but it was Erica’s guidance that shaped those ideas into actionable, result-oriented work.

Considering I’ve attempted, personally, to hire Erica numerous times, I often think I only have a job because she made me look good.

From graphic design of marketing materials, to a revamp of our website, to the full creation of an actual strategic mindset in our marketing and communications, Erica helped move Vs. Cancer from a start-up with zero revenue to hundreds of thousands raised in our first 12 months.
Chase JonesFounder, Vs. Cancer Foundation
Being a man, I never thought about “blooming.” Yet, in the fall of 2015, I found myself and my business doing just that. It has made all of the difference.

Erica approached me with a vision. She wanted me to consider enhancing my personal brand and my business’s persona and she put together a plan on how to gain more eyeballs, additional attention, and a home for everything online. I saw her belief and confidence in her ideas and I quickly realized that she could be an extension of 2D.

In short, she made short time of hitting a homerun, knocking down the long range shot, and punching it into the end zone. Her complete redesign of the 2D website has given me a confident calling card as I cultivate new business. The layout allows 2D to share insights, shining moments, and my writings. I “bloomed” with Erica and, because I did, 2D Consulting has changed and is beginning to really grow.

Trip DurhamOwner, 2D Consulting
I hired Erica to guide me through the process of designing a website for Bluewater Hayes, which included building content that spoke to my constituents.

I found Erica’s approach from the very start to be innovative and smart. She got to know me as a person and a professional, then the business, then the strategy.

She was patient, insightful, and fun to work with. The result was a great looking website that speaks in my voice and effectively informs an audience what we do and whom we serve.

Ryan BurkeOwner, Bluewater Hayes
Bloom Strategic Communications