“Wanting to be someone else
is a waste of who you are.”
— Kurt Cobain

Bloom Blossomed for Three Reasons:

The changing landscape of communications — Numerous and constantly evolving ways to share stories often lead to wasting time and energy trying to use ALL methods instead of the RIGHT methods.

Extensive background in mission-driven organizations — As volunteers, employees, co-founders and board members, we experienced challenges caused by the lack of resources and strategic planning in growing nonprofits and businesses.

A strong desire to help people live out their passion — successfully.

Let’s Get Personal.

Erica Madden Book Jacket Bio

My passion is philanthropy. And by that I meaErica Maddenn I want to help people realize how they can use their gifts and talents to change the world. While I am happy to rattle off a resume with titles and employers, it would probably mean very little to you! Interactions with people during every move of my life are really what developed me and enhanced the skills I share with the world.

I worked in athletic communications — I learned how to bring a story to life, design everything from posters to billboards, and teach student-athletes the right way to talk to the media (often sparked by a teammate demonstrating the wrong way!). I became a leader and a boss and learned how to challenge others to step up the next rung of the ladder…and pick them up when they fell. I learned why people felt compelled to support a team, or a school, or a business…and shifted my life so I could be part of more of those stories. I worked in development in private schools and other nonprofit organizations — actually I’d say my life became development. You might argue development is just glorified begging, but to me, development is building relationships and aligning passions. When I share my story or listen to someone else’s story, it changes me. Communication has been the key from the beginning — but now I mix it with passion.

I love to volunteer and am very active with Little Pink Houses of Hope. I serve on the fundraising committee, coordinate the annual Amazing Race (ask me about this!), but most importantly, I am a retreat director for a week long retreat for families going through breast cancer. It is the one time even I run out of words when I try to describe the experience! It is where I do my best work being ridiculously present with volunteers, families, donors, business owners, and community members. It is the best part of my year.

I also helped a good friend jump start the Vs. Cancer Foundation, an amazing group encouraging athletes of all ages to get involved in the battle against childhood cancer. And I led my first Girls on the Run team a year ago — something I plan to do again very soon!

In this next chapter of my story, my goal is to do life well and help others do the same.

Blooming With Erica

  1. To say I’m a morning person is an understatement. It is likely I will have run 10 miles, made breakfast, answered 20 emails, and come up with a new project idea before your alarm goes off.
  2. My StrengthsFinder Top 5 are: Discipline, Achiever, Focus, Analytical, Learner.
  3. I am a Northern girl who went to school in the Midwest and found her life in the South.
  4. I send snail mail cards for all occasions.
  5. The first two days of March Madness are my favorites of every year, and I never miss a Steelers game.
  6. Brene Brown is my hero. Always working to accept and love my Gifts of Imperfection.
  7. I love to run, and run, and run. I recently crossed ‘qualify for the Boston Marathon’ off my bucket list!
  8. I make THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. Seriously.
  9. I love craft beer and have been known to combine this with my love of baking. I might have won the Terrapin Beer Co.’s Wake-n-BAKE Off in Charlotte, baking a delicious dessert using Terrapin’s Wake-n-Bake Coffee Stout.
  10. The non-profit that has a hold on my heart is Little Pink Houses of Hope.

Best Advice: Never miss an opportunity to write a handwritten thank you note.

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